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Venloop-Book-open © Viktoria Cvetković |
Venloop-Book-closed © Viktoria Cvetković |


Artist’s book with hand-drawn illustrations.

A graphic reportage about a half-marathon runner.

Drawings created on location using fountain pen, ink, ink pencils and watercolour on heavyweight watercolour paper.

Book measures 142 mm x 196 mm when closed, with a length of 104 cm when fully extended. Concertina constructed from a single strip of paper cut to measure and folded to make six pages.

Separately designed book end paper, digital print in orange and blue. Cover is hardback bound with orange book cloth. Front cover illustration sewn with blue yarn. Blue ribbon bound into the book to resemble finish line ribbon, and keep the book closed.

Venlo/Cologne 2019. One of a kind. Signed and embossed. Sold.


Venloop-Book-unfolded © Viktoria Cvetković |

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