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Über den Tellerrand © Viktoria Cvetković |


A Tool for Social Cohesion

Illustration and cover design for the Über den Tellerrand Satellite Süchteln, Germany for their application for the Voluntary Work Award of the District of Viersen.

How to build relations between refugees and host communities, social cohesion and community based programming?

Über den Tellerrand organises community events to encourage refugees, other immigrants, and the settled population to meet together over food. At these events, people from several different cultures cook, share and discuss some of their favourite dishes. These events are donation-based to allow as many people to attend as possible.

They also coordinate refugee and other immigrant-led cooking classes, led by excellent home cooks are who are passionate about food. They meet in community kitchens, work together to cook a meal, and then eat together.

For more information in English, please visit The Better Plate Community Columbus, the first US-based satellite of Über den Tellerrand.

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